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Saturday, January 29, 2011

Friday, January 28, 2011


In a ludicrous posting I saw recently Cedric Kushner, Teddy "the Irish" Mann's promoter was boasting that he was able to out run Teddy Mann.

Of course he never bothered to mention two important facts. 1. ) They were not racing, they were simply jogging and 2) Irish Teddy Mann had a chronic case of walking pneumonia.

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Irish Teddy Mann VS "Bad" Bennie Briscoe

It was only Teddy's second loss as a pro. Teddy went the distance and really gave Bennie the fight of his life. Teddy Mann was twenty five at the time and "Bad" Bennie Briscoe had been on the losing end of three title fights before this match up.




Sunday, January 23, 2011



is writing his autobiography. The soon to be released, "Fighting for Redemption the Irish Teddy Mann Story," co-authored by William Brennan, tells the story of Irish Teddy Mann, one of the most colorful middle wieghts ever to enter the ring. The sub-title reads "an ex-pro boxer floored by drugs and prison rallies in life's last round."


Teddy Mann

Alias Ted Groff -
Country US American
Hometown Philadelphia, PA
Birthplace Point Pleasant, NJ
Division Middleweight
Born 1951-09-05
Stance Orthodox
Height 178
Manager Cedric Kushner
Trainer Carmen Graziano

Date - Opponent - Location - Result

1977-08-24 Joe Washington Vineland, NJ - W KO 3
1977-09-16 Jesse Goodmond Wilmington, DE - W KO 4
1977-09-27 Daran Muhammad Passaic, NJ - W KO 1
1977-11-01 Titus Burgess Philadelphia, PA - W PTS 4
1978-01-17 Jerome Jackson Philadelphia, PA - L PTS 4
1978-03-16 Bill Ryan Ft. Lauderdale, FL - W KO 3
1978-03-27 Jerome Brooks Homestead, FL - W KO 5
1978-04-06 Henry (Tiger) Hall Miami Beach, FL - W KO 5
1978-04-27 Larry Peterson Jacksonville, FL - W KO 6
1978-06-01 Marvin Lee Upper Darby, PA - W KO 1
1978-06-14 Dave Dittmar White Plains, NY - W KO 3
1978-10-14 Dan Lowery Ft. Lauderdale, FL - W KO 2
1978-10-24 Frankie Suarez Orlando, FL - W KO 7
1978-12-29 Tyrone Phelps Vineland, NJ - W PTS 6
1979-01-11 O`Dell Leonard Landover, MD - W PTS 6
1979-02-14 Ray Bryant White Plains, NY - W PTS 6
1979-04-03 Richie Bennett Philadelphia, PA - W UD 10
1979-05-14 Archie Andrews Philadelphia, PA - W TKO 7
1979-07-16 Perry Abney Philadelphia, PA - W TKO 6
1979-09-11 Bennie Briscoe Philadelphia, PA - L PTS 10
1979-11-14 Tony Tassone Philadelphia, PA - W PTS 10
1980-05-02 John LoCicero New York, NY - L PTS 10
1980-05-14 Archie Andrews Philadelphia, PA - W KO 7
1980-07-31 Ernie Singletary Atlantic City, NJ - L PTS 10
1980-10-15 Robert Davis White Plains, NY - L PTS 8
1980-12-17 Steve Small White Plains, NY - W PTS 8
1981-02-23 Bobby Czyz Atlantic City, NJ - L UD 8
1981-04-09 Mickey Goodwin Detroit, MI - L PTS 10
1981-05-08 Leo Martinez Binghamton, NY - W TKO 4
1981-06-25 Vinnie Curto Boston, MA - L PTS 10
1981-09-17 Mike Baker Atlantic City, NJ - W PTS 10
1981-11-05 Wayne Barker Atlantic City, NJ - W DQ 6
1981-12-22 Steve Michalerya Atlantic City, NJ - W PTS 10
1982-02-19 Jamal Arbubakar Atlantic City, NJ - W PTS 10
1982-03-20 Robbie Epps Atlantic City, NJ - W PTS 10
1982-05-16 James Green Atlantic City, NJ - L PTS 10
1982-08-20 John Collins Chicago, IL - L PTS 10
1982-10-20 Doug DeWitt White Plains, NY - L TKO 5
1983-05-27 Juan Domingo Roldan Providence, RI - L PTS 10
1983-08-02 Dwight Walker Atlantic City, NJ - W PTS 10
1983-09-01 Robbie Sims Atlantic City, NJ - L SD 10
1983-11-30 Mike Tinley Atlantic City, NJ - L PTS 12
1984-04-11 Jorge Amparo Atlantic City, NJ - L TKO 3

Record to Date
Won 28 (KOs 15) Lost 15 Drawn 0 Total 43


Inducted on November 9, 1995

Born on September 5,1951,
Point Pleasant, NJ as Ted Groff.
He changed his name legally to Ted Mannschreck in 1967, which evolved to Ted “The “Irish”” Mann for promotional purposes in 1977. Handled at different times as an amateur by Walter Marler, Johnny Trojian (Kid Troy), Adrian Bailey, Ricky Schupoch and Frank Lavalle. Beat seven different Golen Glove or A.A.U. champs (Fryer, Gargan, Fundenburg,
Nance, Stahle, Johnson, McNeece). Won NJ Blue and White Tournament, October 18,1976. Runner up to Curtis Parker for State A.A.U. 156 pound
title March 8, 1976.

Mann turned pro August 24, 1977, and was managed and trained by Carmen Graziano and promoted by Cedric Kushner.

Mann ran up an impressive 18-1 record before losing a 10 round decision to Philly legend “Bad” Benny Briscoe (62-18-5) September 11, 1979.

He also fought future champs, Bobby Czyz (10-0), Doug “The Cobra” DeWitt (16-1),
Dwight “Tiger” Walker (16-2-1), Mike Baker (39-14-1), Mickey Goodwin (26-1),
Vinnie Curto (45-5-3), Juan Domingo Roldan (48-2-2) and John Collins (22-0).

One of his most memorable wins was a 7th round knock out of Frankie Suarez (11-2) for the Florida State Middleweight Title, October 24, 1978 in Orlando.

Another big step in Mann’s career was when he upset California contender Robbi Epps (30-1) March 20, 1982 in Atlantic City and broke into the world ratings. After a loss to James “Hard Rock” Green (12-1) he came up short in a bid for the ESPN Middleweight Title to Mike Tinley (13-1-1).

He retired shortly after on November 30, 1984 with a 28-15, 15KO record. Always a fan favorite, Mann fought in many locations including Philadelphia’s Spectrum, New York City’s Felt Forum, and Atlantic City’s Resorts, Caesar’s Harrah’s, Sand’s and Tropicana Casinos.